Computer Programmer

Shane works deep in I.T. He’s a computer programmer, the brains that writes the code that tells a computer what to do when. He won’t mind us saying that definitely qualifies him as a ‘tech-geek’, though seems very much a ‘lads lad’, up for practical jokes, right into his F1 and a devoted Tottenham fan.
His apartment is a cool, minimalist affair. Everything has its place. He tells us, “I guess the way I live is sort of reflective of what I do, there has to be an order to things, a logic if you like. I don’t like clutter or distractions.”
We get on to Pockit. “Pockit is a really useful idea for me”, he tells us “I use it to separate my personal finances from work stuff. So anything from groceries to shopping on Amazon goes through my Pockit account. It keeps things clear and clean and helps me get organised. If all my work related things were lumped together with personal, I wouldn’t be able to see the wood for the trees!”
“Anything from groceries to shopping on Amazon goes through my Pockit account. It keeps things clear and clean and helps me get organised.”
Shane takes us to the top of his apartment block, insisting that we see the view from the roof terrace before we go. Wow! Quite a site – a breathtaking panoramic of London presents itself. Shane’s mobile rings. He apologises saying he has to dash soon, as he’s meeting his brother in town in 50 minutes. “It’s fine” he says, “get the pictures you want, we’ve got 5 minutes, then it’ll take me 3 minutes to walk to Aldgate East station from here, then 36 minutes to Euston Square and a 5 minute walk the other side to where we’re meeting, so I’ll be there 1 minute early.”
“Really Shane?” we ask “you’ve got that trip down to the last minute? What if there’s a delay? “Well it wouldn’t be the end of the world, but I won’t pretend it wouldn’t bug me a bit if circumstance got in the way of logic!” Good that such a ruthlessly efficient mind thinks of Pockit as a ‘really useful idea!’
What are your hobbies / interests?
Tottenham and F1 and... yep that’s it... in that order.
If money was no object what would you do all day?
I’d just travel. I wouldn’t mind living out of a single suitcase. You’d have to be sooooo efficient!!!
What does your perfect day look like?
Up early and walking on a cold day. I love being out in really cold weather.
What’s your favourite memory?
Definitely the holiday that my Mum, brother and I took to Calgary – seeing the Rocky mountains for the first time was awesome.
Thanks for your time Shane – approximately 1.5 hours of it. Sorry we can’t be more precise ;)

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