Stage Lighting Technician

For all you deeply devoted, happily married couples reading, here’s a question. If you were to find yourself in front of a judge and jury, would your tale of marital bliss stand up?
The Great Dunmow trials, as they are known, are conveyed every four years in Great Dunmow, Essex, and date back nearly a millennia. Any married couple can, under oath, apply to have their case heard and determine whether they are categorically the happiest of married couples. And what’s in it for you? Well, 6 months of free bacon butties, and all you’ve got to do is prove you’re 100% loved-up and not telling porkies!
So, in 2012, Pockit customer Matthew and his wife, Julie, put their names forward, popped over to Essex and put their love to the test. And (you’ve guessed it) they won! Yes, they were declared to be the happiest married couple in these fair Isles in the year 2012! And the pig? Delivered in manageable freezer loads over the following months.
Matthew is a stage lighting technician, having helped add the shine to many West End performances, including Billy Elliot, Bombay Dreams, Hair and Cats. Cool job, we comment. “Yep, it has its moments,” replies Matthew humbly.
“And the cashback is great too. I shop at M&S quite a bit, so 6% back is a good deal. It soon adds up.”
Why Pockit, Matthew? It transpires Matthew’s a stickler. He likes to know exactly where he’s at on the money front, all the time. “Pockit, for me, is a great way to manage household expenses,” he says. “I believe that if you look after the pennies, the pounds look after themselves, so being able to monitor what’s going out weekly is really important. Pockit lets me do that easily and quickly. The website is so efficient, and I like that. Compared to some of the slow, complicated banking sites I’ve used, it’s great.”
So basically Matthew, Pockit provides you with an essential household budgeting tool, saving you a bit along the way in handy cashback. Is that a fair summary? “Yes it is, that’s exactly why I chose Pockit and why I like it. I’d say it’s a good idea for anyone who wants a simple, online account whilst also keeping a careful eye on what they spend.”
What are your hobbies / interests?
Diving, reading, cooking, bargain hunting and extreme couponing!
If money was no object what would you do all day?
Dive and look for treasure in the Med.
What does your perfect day look like?
Family breakfast, then taking Frankie my son swimming and in the afternoon, a trip out into the countryside together.
What’s your favourite memory?
I haven’t just got one. Lots of good things have happened in my life; I just can’t pick. Guess I’m a lucky guy!
Thank you, Matthew, and thank you Julie – Britain’s happiest married couple 2012. Way to go!

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