Computer Technician

Now here’s one upbeat guy. Kunal works for A very famous computer company, he’s essentially a tech troubleshooter. A modern-day multi- device boffin. If a customer has a product query or needs to know what’s what with the latest models or upgrades - he’s their go-to guy.
Known at work as ‘Chilli Boy’, Kunal is a bit of a foodie and his culinary endeavours often involve hot and spicy food. “This is ‘next level’ hot and spicy we are talking about” he insists. Kunal recalls standing in front of expectant colleagues and in his hand he held a bag containing 10 Scotch Bonnet peppers. Over the course of the next minute, Kunal proceeded to eat them all. Yes, all 10 in 60 seconds - gone. Jeepers! A rather teary-eyed Kunal bowed to the applause of bemused and amused techies. ‘Chilli Boy’ has stuck ever since.
Well as bonkers as he may be, he’s obviously smart and as we said, he is definitely an upbeat, energetic, happy chap. “Smiling is easier than frowning” he says (bet you weren’t saying that after 10 Scotch Bonnets Kunal) and we’re glad to write, that this infectious enthusiasm continues as he begins to tell us the virtues of being a Pockit customer.
“I was nipping out and spending a small fortune on food and needed a smarter way to manage my money. I came across Pockit and really liked the way they were so upfront about fees.”
“I love Pockit, it’s brilliant,” he beams “like all good ideas it’s simple and answers a need.” Kunal uses his Pockit account for two main reasons; he wanted a way to budget his lunch money at work. “I was nipping out and spending a small fortune on food and needed a smarter way to manage my money. I came across Pockit and really liked the way they are so upfront about fees.” The second reason Kunal is so happy with his Pockit account is that when his wife came over from Philippines, she couldn’t even get a basic account from the big banks – they just weren’t interested. “Now I use my additional card, and we share the balance so she can do the shopping too and go online. Yep, Pockit truly has been brilliant” he insists. “A cool ‘un- bankish’ brand with nice customer service too. For my wife and I, it’s all been quite liberating really.”
That’s all great to hear Kunal. Being such a fan then, you’d pass the word on to friends and family? “Sure” comes the reply, “friends at work, friends at home, they all know about Pockit. I don’t know if any them are with you, but they should be.” Kunal, what can we say - you’re a star!
What are your hobbies / interests?
Spicy food challenges, Bitcoin mining, learning languages, meeting people.
If money was no object what would you do all day?
Breakfast in New York, lunch in Paris, dinner in Hong Kong.
What does your perfect day look like?
Having a duvet day watching movies and ordering take away’s.
What’s your favourite memory?
Meeting my wife.
Thanks Kunal (and thank you for the constant supply of macaroons during the interview too! You do the spice, we’ll stick to the sugar!

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